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Care Instructions

Wooden furniture - it’s pleasing to the eyes, brings a certain charm to the home, and is most desired, but it requires good handling and proper maintenance if you want it to last for years.


Wooden furniture can be of various shapes and sizes - chairs, dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, etc. The purpose and usage differs from home to home, but one thing that stands common to all kinds of wooden furniture is handling it with care and preventing it from damage. For any wooden furniture to last you for years it is important to have an understanding of how to maintain wooden furniture. Here are some wooden furniture care tips that are simple and effective. 

  • Regularly wipe the dust with dry cloth.

  • In case the liquid spills, wipe immediately with a clean dry cloth to maintain the natural look.

  • Avoid Exposure To Sunlight 

  • Use Coasters And Placemats to avoid stains

  • Restrict using water to clean your solid wood furniture

  • Protect your solid wood furniture with oil, wax, polish, and wood finishes

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